how to get a job at google

How to Get a Job at Google?

Google is amongst the top employers in the world. People are attracted to the idea of ‘life at Google,’ and obsess over the chance to work there.

According to the studies, Google receives millions of applications each year. And If you are wondering how to get a job at Google then read this blog carefully.

Hiring Process at Google

Here’s how Google does hiring!

Focus on Yourself

Google wants you to focus on yourself to find out your passion. Google believes that it is hard to build a career without passion, so it wants you to know yourself well. And sit with your history to prepare answers for the interview. Frame your answers keeping in mind your past achievements, rewards, and future goals, and let the interviewer know about your professional life.

Tweak Your Resume 

If you are looking for an answer to ‘How to get a job at Google?’ Here’s what you need to do next. Prepare a resume that speaks for you. If you want to apply for more than one job, create a separate resume for each job profile.

1. Make sure to align your skills and experience with the job description. Do include data to emphasize your achievements. Mention the projects you have handled, their results, and your success.

2. If you held a leadership position, talk about it. About the size of the team, and the scope of the work.

3. Freshers should include their college-related projects or coursework that demonstrate their skills and knowledge.

4. Include all the relevant information and be precise, avoid having a multiple-page resume.

5. Write a cover letter keeping in mind the job description. Describe how you have made a difference in your previous job, and back it up with the relevant data. Draw a line between your passion and profession & let the recruiter see who you are.

Apply Online

Google updates all the job-related information on its website, so you can apply online. Each candidate can apply for three jobs every 30 days. If your application does not get selected, do not get discouraged, and keep applying again in the future.


If the recruitment team believes that you can be a good match for the profile you have applied for, you will be invited to the hiring process. While the hiring process differs slightly depending upon which role you are applying for – technology, marketing, or others, the basic hiring process remains the same.

Online Assessment

It is a preliminary level where you are mostly asked to do an online assessment after you’ve submitted your resume.

Virtual Chat

You will have a short conversation over the phone or video call. The conversation takes place between you and the recruiter, and then with either the hiring manager or a peer on the team to assess the skills they need for the role you have applied for.

Project Work

Prior to the final interview, you are sometimes asked to do project work. You could be either asked to prepare a case study or provide a code sample. This helps the hiring team assess your approach to a problem.

In-Depth Interview

Interviews may sound cliché but Google recruiters make them friendly. Their aim is to know the candidates. They prefer candidates from a wide variety of backgrounds to bring diversity to a team.

In an in-depth interview, the interviewers assess the skills of candidates and evaluate their ability to see if they’re a good fit for the organization.

So, the entire interview is divided into two parts- structured interviews, and open-ended questions.

Structured Interview

Google assesses the candidates by using clear rubrics. Their hiring process is fair and they make sure that every candidate is evaluated from the same perspective.

Open-Ended Questions

This segment is to assess how a candidate solves a problem. The recruiters want to understand your strengths, how you interact in a team, and the workings of your mind.

Decision and Offer

If you are selected for the profile. The onboarding team guides you further. The team walks you through compensation, benefits, perks, insurance, and the rest of the information.

This blog answers -how to get a job at Google. To know more, you can watch videos on Youtube where recruiters talk about the hiring process at Google. You can also check out the Google website to have a better understanding of the organization’s hiring process.