maternity leave application

How to Write Maternity Leave Application with Examples

A maternity leave application is a formal request to your employer to grant you leave before & after your delivery.

Usually, maternity leave varies between 12 weeks and 26 weeks. However, if you are planning an extension, you are suggested to inform your manager in advance.

A brief idea of the maternity application letter

As you are requesting your manager to grant you a maternity leave, the pregnancy leave letter must have a formal tone. It should have the necessary details to support your requested break.

The leave letter should mention the starting date of the break and re-joining date. It should keep your employer updated about how long you are going to take a break for pregnancy and childbirth.

How to write an application for maternity leave?

Go through the company rules to know how many days of maternity leave you can avail yourself. You can get in touch with HR for a better understanding.

After having a complete idea of the rules, you need to start with your application procedure. You must comply with the rules to avail the mentioned benefits.

Mention date and address

It is the basic rule of all kinds of formal letter writing to give the date and address at the top of the letter.

Add subject line

Give a subject line to the letter. A subject line must go like ‘Request for maternity leave.’ It gives an insight into the letter.

Greet you Manager

Start the letter by greeting the recipient. Use professional language where you will be using the recipient’s name with the surname.

State the purpose in the first paragraph

Be precise in your application. State the purpose of the letter in the first paragraph, and mention the number of days you will be applying for leaves.

To remain clear with your statement, it is suggested to mention the start and end date of leave

Present an alternative work plan

As you will be on leave for a period of time, you may provide an alternative work plan to your employer. It will show your sincerity towards work.

State your preferred mode of communication

Mention your preferred mode of communication – Your personal number or email ID for your manager/team to reach out to you in case of any support required.

Thank the recipient

Thank the receipt and show gratitude toward your manager. Sign the letter and send the maternity leave letter to the right email address. Submitting the letter on time will facilitate the entire process of approving leaves.

Here are some templates to help you.

Example 1

To: Mail ID

From: Mail ID

Subject: Requesting Maternity Leave (pre-natal & post-natal)                  


Mr./Miss/Mrs. (Name) (Surname)



(Name of the organization)

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I am (your name) (employee ID) of (project name). I would like to inform you that I am pregnant for (number of weeks) and would like to take maternity leave for (number of months). I will resume my duty at your esteemed organization on return from leave.

According to the company’s rule on maternity leave, I am eligible to take leaves for (mention the days/months). I would like to include my pre-natal and post-natal periods in the leave. My expected delivery date is (mention the date).

For any assistance, I would be available on my personal number and through email.

Thank you for your kind consideration. I would be obliged if you grant the aforesaid leave.

Yours Sincerely,

(Your signature)

(Your name)

Example 2

To: Mail ID

From: Mail ID

Subject: Application for maternity leave (From date- to Date)


Dear Mr./Mrs./ Miss,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I would take maternity leave from (date) to (date). As per company rules, I am eligible to take maternity leave for (mention the days/months). I request you to grant me leaves for (mention the days).

My (co-worker’s name) will share the workload in my absence. For any assistance, I will be available on my personal number.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

(Your Name) (Your surname)