how to find part time job

How to Find a Part-Time Job?

A part-time job is helpful if you want to earn some extra money. These kinds of jobs are popular among students., part-time jobs are also popular among homemakers and retired personnel. These jobs not only help you to earn money but also keep you occupied and engaged.

Here are the tips on – how to find a part-time job. 

Make a Schedule 

Prepare your schedule, days, and number of hours you want to work. You have to check whether you can devote morning hours or evening hours, and if you have a more flexible schedule, you can work in shifts. Once you are sure of the days and hours you can work, you can start looking for positions that match your schedule.

Update your Resume 

Like any other full-time job, part-time jobs also need a resume. So, you need to update your resume before you start job hunting. Upload your updated resume on the job portals so that the employers can have an idea about your qualification and experience. 

Make sure to highlight skills appropriate for the job you are applying for, and send separate cover letters for different job profiles.

Attend University Job Fairs 

If you are a student, and looking for a part-time job, you can find one at the placement fair. Every year colleges and universities conduct a fair to invite companies. You will find companies looking for part-time employees on an immediate basis. Attending such fairs will give you leads about available part-time job opportunities. 

Post on Social Media Account 

Social media can help find a part-time job. You can post a story about the same and ask for help. Sometimes, followers and friends share posts on vacancies, and you might get the opportunity through it. Once you get any lead through social media, research that before applying. 

Make a List of Jobs 

Even if you want to do part-time job, you must have preferences. List down your before starting a job hunt. If you are a student, look for jobs that are less exhausting and allow you to study after the shift. Similarly, if you are a retired person, look for a job that matches your experience. 

Search on Job Sites

Wondering how to find a part-time job? Go through job listings on job search sites. You can find part-time jobs on these job portals and apply for the same by uploading your resume for free.

Reach Out to your Contacts 

It is the time to reach out to your network and contacts who can help you get a part-time job. Connect with people on Linkedin. Also, reach out to your friends, family members, and teachers to get some leads on vacancies. 

Apply to the Selected Jobs 

Sort out some jobs at your convenience, & start applying to those jobs. Spend some time applying to various companies, and customize your cover letter for each application. 

While writing your cover letter, carefully go through the job profile and explain how your skill can help the respective organization. A customized cover letter can push your application little close to getting the job. 

Follow up 

Your work does not end with the application. You need to follow up on your applications. This will show that you are genuinely interested in the job. Besides that, it will help you to know where you stand. 

Be Available for the Calls 

Once you send out applications, you need to be attentive to your phone calls and email. Keep checking your emails to ensure you do not miss out on a response from HR or the company. 

Show you Commitment 

Most employers prefer candidates looking for a part-time role for a longer duration over those looking for it as a temporary measure. Highlight the fact that you are looking for only part-time opportunities, both in your cover letter and during an interview. 

The last tip on how to find a part-time job is to exercise patience while you are hunting & applying for part-time jobs. Keep applying till you find a suitable job. Persistence is a key to getting a good opportunity.