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Companies Switching to Permanent Work from Home

The industry has experienced a paradigm shift in the pandemic and post-pandemic era, our perspectives have changed. The new perspective has given birth to so many things along with working from home permanently culture. Here we are going to discuss 15 notable companies that changed their perspectives with time.

1. Twitter

Twitter switched to the work-from-home model back in 2020. According to the social media giant, work-from-home during lockdown had been a success. So, they encourage the employees to work from home forever. However, they can resume working from the office whenever they want to.

2. Facebook/Meta

At the onset of the pandemic, Facebook and other Silicon Valley firms switched to remote work. They used advanced technology to get their work done. After a year-long pandemic shutdown, Facebook started reopening its offices citing the rollout of vaccines and improving health conditions of the people. Nevertheless, Facebook is encouraging employees to work from home if the job can be done remotely.

3. Microsoft

Like other technology giants, Microsoft has extended its work-from-home policy. They decided to make the remote job permanent for some workers.

Microsoft has stated that professionals, who require access to data centers, hardware labs, and in-person training have to work from the company’s offices. Microsoft helps the employees to relocate if they want to work domestically provided their remote work is viable.

4. Slack

A business communication platform Slack has made work-from-home seamless for many organizations all across the world. The American software company itself decided to work from home permanently.

They decided to shift to the remote job once the pandemic broke out. Later they announced that employees can work permanently from home.

5. Square

Square employees can work from home even after a pandemic and it was decided by the founder Jack Dorsey. They extended their work-from-home policy for an indefinite period of time. According to Dorsey, employees feel more creative and productive when given the option of permanently working from home.

6. Shopify

Canadian e-commerce company Shopify has allowed 5000 employees to work remotely indefinitely. They have given the option of remote work even after the effect of the pandemic fades out. They are shifting their perspective towards work by calling it digital by default.

7. Tata Steel Limited

Indian multinational company Tata Steel Limited announced its remote work policy when the pandemic broke out. However, they are continuing the remote work policy even after the government has  lifted restrictions.

Their work-from-home policy is called the ‘Agile Working Model’. The policy promotes a better work-life balance. The employees get flexibility in living and working hours. According to the company, their policy gives an excellent opportunity to the new parents.

8. Vista

Vista is known for partnering with hundreds of small businesses and leading them to success. Now they have switched to permanently remote jobs. Their new policy allows employees to work from their preferred place which gives them the space to be creative.

9. SAP

A real-time data processing solution SAP works with thousands of clients in over 180 countries. They develop application platforms and infrastructure, security software, IT, and data management software.

The perk of their remote working policy is employees are given 100% flexibility in work. Their work-from-home model is trust-based to provide space to the employees.

10. Skillshare

A prominent online learning community has adopted work-from-home mode since the pandemic broke out. With its innovative service, Skillshare has brought a revolution in learning and developing new skills at home. The platform has over 3 million students.

The platform is diverse in terms of covering courses that include crafts, business, design, technology, culinary arts, films, and many more. Their objective is to create an efficient workforce with their services.

11. Upwork

The world’s largest freelance workplace, Upwork, is offering permanent work-from-home jobs to the new applicants. The company decided to switch to a remote job model two years back when shut down was imposed.

12. Reddit

Reddit is a community that connects people of similar interests. On Reddit, people can share information on the topic of their interest. The company allows its employees to work from home permanently. However, they can avail the option of getting back to the office whenever they feel like it.

13. 3M

3M which was once known as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company works closely with manufacturing, electronics, consumer products, health care, etc. Their ‘Work Your Way’ plan lets their employees work remotely for an indefinite period of time. The employees have the liberty to create their work schedule that helps them to maintain a work-life balance.

14., one of the world’s best conversational marketing platforms, is also offering remote working flexibility. The company has gone virtual and believes this is the future of work. Drifters can collaborate in Conversation Spaces in Boston, San Francisco, and Tampa with more coming across the globe.